Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) APK

Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022

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1.505 for Android
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Apr 08, 2021
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Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal

Download Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal)

Are your searching for Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022? In this article I have shared direct link to Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 download. Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 is a great game, which is more and more popular in the gaming community.

You will get the mod version of this game here. This app was developed and offered by ONESOFT for Android users around the world to read their favourite content in one place for free.

Space shooter poster

Fans of the classic arcade space shooter in Galaxy Attack now have the opportunity to enjoy another incredible galactic adventure with the space shooter. Enjoy endless waves of enemies, do your fantastic cannon shots, enjoy exciting levels in the game with addictive gameplay and always be ready for new challenges in front of you.

Take control of your spaceship as the ultimate defense force of the earth. Find ways to fight your evil enemies in the epic and stay on top of them. Upgrade your spaceship to overcome challenges in the game and enjoy more haunting actions to enable more powerful cannons, interesting power-ups, and excellent utilities.

Learn more about this fascinating space shooter gameplay without our full reviews.


Here in Space Shooter, Android players have the opportunity to captain a space team. With the space invaders destroyed by the new galactic space squad, your team is left for the free people of the galaxy. Go on your final adventure as you face challenges in the game and defeat a fleet of incredible enemies in an awesome space battle.

Command your ship to complete many challenges in the game and face many evil enemies with your evil powers. Control your spaceship independently to dodge enemy attacks and return your specific cannon shots. Explore multiple power-ups and upgrades that will give your spaceship a better chance of crushing enemies.

Explore fantastic battles in multiple levels of the game with increasing difficulty and interesting setups. Run challenging and interesting campaigns whenever you are ready. And most importantly, you can now join fellow Galaxy Defenders to defeat enemies in their final ques online quests.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Easy and accessible touch controls

Space Shooter offers Android gamers the possibility to bring addictive and exciting arcade gameplay to Android gamers, thanks to its simple and easily accessible touch controls. You can always adjust the touchscreen to make the classic game lighter. Just drag your ship onto the screen to dodge the onslaught of enemies and retreat critically. One-touch controls make the game definitely easier and more exciting.

Interesting in-game levels with amazing funs

For those of you interested, you can enjoy an interesting level in the game of space shooter, which includes many challenging missions and exciting quests. Face many enemies with unique powers. Experience the ultimate arcade shooter gameplay with over 200 different levels for your enjoyment. Enjoy completing a lot of quests and challenges in the game. As the difficulty level increases, space shooter players will always find the game equally exciting and challenging.

Incredible owners with unique skills

In addition to the destructive waves of minion invaders, the space shooter also introduces nasty and big bosses that you must visit during your adventure. Feel free to challenge yourself with the epic and huge boss, as you try to prove your skills and abilities. Enjoy incredible space battles and find the best strategy to challenge your enemies.

To use amazing power-ups

For those of you interested, there are now many in-game powerups for fun that you can use, especially during critical moments. Feel free to increase your powers, so as not to be hit by multiple waves of enemies. Protect your spaceship from great effects and increase your firepower to easily defeat your enemies. Unlock many power-ups in the game and use them only at the right moment to give yourself a temporary advantage over enemies.

Space shooter screen 5

Upgrade your spaceship for better powers

To prepare their spaceship for the challenges ahead, space shooter players are allowed to make many upgrades to give their spaceship better statistics and available powers. Feel free to unlock many interesting features in the game and make your awesome location team with the most incredible upgrades. Unlock incredible powers and progress at the beginning of the game.

Enjoy exciting PVP shooter gameplay

Here in Space Shooter, players also have the opportunity to enjoy arcade space shooter gameplay with fantastic mod online modes. Feel free to connect with friends and players online while you enjoy epic shooting online shooting challenges. Enjoy your cooperative challenges with friends. Fight other opponents, online opponents. And compete for first places in the great leaderboard challenges. All this should allow you to have more fun with the game.

Test your luck and get free prizes every day

For those of you who are interested, the space shooter also has a lot of interesting rewards that you can easily choose from every day so you don't have to spend much time on it. Now players can have fun with Lucky Wheel, Daily Search, and other freebies that are easy to pick up every day. Enjoy the big challenges in the game and unlock your special rewards.

Play for free

And despite all the amazing features, the game is free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. This way, you can easily find games available on the Google Play Store without paying anything. Have free fun with it whenever you are ready.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

At the same time, we offer our unlocked gameplay that you can enjoy annoying and getting rid of annoying ads and closed content. You will no longer be bothered by these unwanted features in Unlimited Gold and Diamond Space Shooter. All you have to do is download and install the Space Shooter Mod APK from our website. Follow the instructions to start the fun with the game.

Picture and sound quality


With powerful graphics and exciting graphics, Space Shooter allows Android players to fully immerse themselves in the dynamic arcade shooter level. And as you progress, the game will also enable incredible visual effects of the environment and stunning 3D design in the game. You will have more fun with the space shooter thanks to the amazing lighting and special effects. Not to mention that the classic space shooter doesn’t require a lot of hardware skills from your devices.

Sound and music

Thanks to the fantastic shooter gameplay for fun, powerful sound effects, and space shooter-themed soundtrack at the same time. Join all the gameplay and discover the fantastic world of space shooters in the form of audio in the game.

Final verdicts

Get ready for the ultimate space shooter challenges in this new ONESOFT game and explore interesting features independently. Enjoy the game in exciting arcade challenges and discover the unique elements of the game. Upgrade your spaceship and game progress to unlock more challenging gameplay.

How to Download And Install Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 APK

For those of you who are curious to download latest version, then download it from our website using direct download link given at the top of article and install this game on your smartphone and tablets.

  1. First of all you need to go to the settings of your phone or the target device.
  2. Open the security option here and then go to the unknown sources.
  3. Enable this option but do not worry about the warning message as this game is totally free to download.
  4. Download the Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 APK. Download Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 apk file from our website.
  5. Go to and search "Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022" on top of the search Bar.
  6. Click Relevant Link in Search Results and Download the game.
  7. Make sure your old game is closed first. Then install the APK that you downloaded.
  8. Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game.
  9. Enjoy playing Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 on your Smart Phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 safe?
Ans. Yes, Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 Apk is 100% safe. we have verified the apk file with Virus Total technology and the apk file is 100% clean.
Q. Why is Android App Permission needed to download Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 APK?
Ans. Applications require access to some of your device's systems. When you install an application, you will be notified of all the permissions required to run that application.
Q. Is it a paid game?
Ans. No, this amazing game is available just for free without any cost so that you may enjoy this game without any worries.
Q. Why is my Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022 App not installed?
Ans. You might have installed and older version of Space shooter MOD APK 1.495 (Infinite Diamonds/Cards/Medal) 2022. So please install the latest apk file from this website.
Q. Is it safe to install Mod APK?
Ans. Of course, it’s not a safe way to install a modded APK file. It’s up to the user’s need to use the file. But while installing the modded file, check for its package name, version, developer (use es file explorer) and permissions it asks and checks those in play store.


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