Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) APK

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022

App By:
Ludia Inc.
1.55.14 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2021
77.49 MB
Required Android:
Mod Features:
Unlimited Runes

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes)

Are your searching for Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022? In this article I have shared direct link to Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 download. Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 is a great game, which is more and more popular in the gaming community.

You will get the mod version of this game here. This app was developed and offered by Ludia Inc. for Android users around the world to read their favourite content in one place for free.

Dragons: Rise of Berk poster

Fans of the world-famous 3D animated series How to Train Your Dragon will enjoy this funny game by Ludia as you play as your favorite characters, immerse yourself in the world of dragons, plant, train, and cope with new dragons. A new threat when you fall to the floor.

Create your own Viking colony, hack and track a pro dragon, explore the vast land and sea of ​​Vikings. Join a group of friends on the series and discover the evil conspiracy against the Berk and Dragon people.

Learn more about this exciting game with our review of Dragon: Rise of Berk.


In the game, players will receive toothless Hiccup and you will join their friends and fellow Vikings as you create your own Berk from scratch. Use the combined strength of Vikings and dragons to building a strong base with a strong dragon and a strong economy.

However, you will soon have to face a group of strangers who threatened to disrupt your peaceful homeland. It is your duty to protect the people and their dragon colonies and help defeat the invaders.

Take your property, build buildings and hire people to develop your economy and security. Create new dragon races, train, and breed from gathering resources to stopping enemy attacks. It will take the combined strength of the Vikings and Dragons to win against these new enemies.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive instructions and tutorials quickly introduce you to the gameplay.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with Dragon & Gameplay in general: Berk Rise is relatively quick thanks to intuitive suggestions and numerous tutorials. Get guides and directions from Hiccup, Gobber, and other favorite characters from the series. Accompany them on the first step into the majestic world of dragons and Vikings.

Build buildings and your dragon will help you

Start building your foundation from the various buildings available in the collection. Every building has its own impact, from resource mobilization to breeding dragons, you can gradually build and strengthen your foundations.

In addition, you can assign both dragons and city birds to help build the camp. Become your dragon and warrior to collect resources or take part in epic expeditions through vast landscapes and oceans.

Dragons: Rise of Berk screenshot 1

Enjoy the game with various dragons from DreamWorks

Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this new game from the famous How to Train Your New Dragon series. Here you will find many dragons with unique powers and abilities. Collect some very famous species like Monstrous Nightmares, Deadly Nadders, and more.

In addition, with over 400 different people you have some of the most popular dragons in the movie and TV series. Play with Toothless, Stormfill, Sculcrasher, and more.

Collect some rare eggs until you try to train the legendary dragon. Get some hardy species out of your eggs and bring them into battle.

Explore the vast islands of the Viking region

At Berk’s Dragon Rise, players can explore vast landscapes and oceans while immersing themselves in the terrifying Viking world. Fly over more than 60 different islands with multiple quests and challenges. Explore different environments with different types of dragons and learn about their unique powers.

Play games with your favorite characters from the series

And for those interested, you have the option to play games with your favorite characters from the series, such as Hiccup, Stoick the Vast, Astrid, Tuffnut, Snotlot, Gobber, and more. Experience their unique adventures and quests as they learn more about the world of dragons in Berk. Not to mention, there is an opportunity to learn more about the Vikings.

Dragons: Rise of Berk screenshot 2

Face many challenges when you complete the final quests

Take the ultimate quest in Berk's Dragon Rise and free the legendary dragon kidnapped by mysterious newcomers. Free them and bring their power back to the people of Berk. Complete your quests and build the strong Viking Kingdom in Berk.

Go to the epic battles between the dragons

And once you start breeding and training your dragon, you can team up with your tough animals for the ultimate kite. Through intense study, they will feel free to reach their level and provide them with sufficient resources so that they can acquire more powerful characters and skills. And most importantly, your dragons can reach a certain stage at once which makes them full-featured animals.

Bring your dragon into the game, where you compete with your opponents in exciting turn-based combat. Use unique skills and clever attacks to defeat your rivals. Outsmart and outsmart him with his incredible roster of the most difficult mythical dragons in the series.

Enjoy playing with friends and playing online

If you're into multiplayer gameplay with friends and play online players, cloud mode is also the best way to fight Epic Dragon with your rivals. Or put your team in the glove for the right teams.

Complete missions and achievements for special awards

Aside from that, the game also has a lot of missions and achievements that you can complete every day and collect some amazing rewards. Choose from a variety of missions with unique requirements and gameplay.

Dragons: Rise of Berk screenshot 3

Participate in many events and collect great prizes

And every now and then there are some wonderful events to take your part in the game and collect unique prizes. Remember that events only last a short time. So make sure you don't waste your time.

Play for free

Despite all the amazing features, Berk's Dragon Rise allows players to play the game for free. All you have to do is download and install it for free from the Google Play Store.

Enjoy unlimited runs with our mod

Even though the game is still a premium title, you're still locked into advertising and app purchases. As such, some of you may find it annoying while enjoying the gameplay.

However, it is recommended that you check out our improved version of the game, which has unleashed content and an ad-free experience. Start buying whatever you want with unlimited money and experience the gameplay as you open it.

Picture and sound quality


In addition, Android players will enjoy this great game, especially during battle, with stunning visual effects and epic animations. Feel free to create your dream world at Berks Dragon Rise, where you can immerse yourself completely in fantastic graphics.


In addition, the game with amazing audio experiences gives Android players a chance to immerse themselves in the terrifying world of exciting battles between powerful creatures.

Download Dragon: Rise of Berk Mod latest 1.54.15 Android APK

Fans of the famous Monster Legends and Dragon City now have the opportunity to experience another great simulation game on their mobile devices. This time, you will have the opportunity to include your favorite characters in a whole new adventure from how to train your dragon. Which is incredibly surprising.

How to Download And Install Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 APK

For those of you who are curious to download latest version, then download it from our website using direct download link given at the top of article and install this game on your smartphone and tablets.

  1. First of all you need to go to the settings of your phone or the target device.
  2. Open the security option here and then go to the unknown sources.
  3. Enable this option but do not worry about the warning message as this game is totally free to download.
  4. Download the Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 APK. Download Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 apk file from our website.
  5. Go to Apktry.com and search "Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022" on top of the search Bar.
  6. Click Relevant Link in Search Results and Download the game.
  7. Make sure your old game is closed first. Then install the APK that you downloaded.
  8. Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game.
  9. Enjoy playing Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 on your Smart Phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 safe?
Ans. Yes, Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 Apk is 100% safe. we have verified the apk file with Virus Total technology and the apk file is 100% clean.
Q. Why is Android App Permission needed to download Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 APK?
Ans. Applications require access to some of your device's systems. When you install an application, you will be notified of all the permissions required to run that application.
Q. Is it a paid game?
Ans. No, this amazing game is available just for free without any cost so that you may enjoy this game without any worries.
Q. Why is my Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022 App not installed?
Ans. You might have installed and older version of Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.54.15 (Unlimited Runes) 2022. So please install the latest apk file from this website.
Q. Is it safe to install Mod APK?
Ans. Of course, it’s not a safe way to install a modded APK file. It’s up to the user’s need to use the file. But while installing the modded file, check for its package name, version, developer (use es file explorer) and permissions it asks and checks those in play store.


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